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“Katika” The Waterfall… A Re-Visit

We returned with the fresh memories of the splendid waterfall. The experience at the waterfall is still fresh because at times I visualize in my dreams…. The thought of re-visit itself was amazing and were totally excited…!!!

We searched on the Internet about the Records accomplished on a waterfall. There was an existing Record (Limca Book) of Rappelling on a waterfall near Lonavala (140ft) done by a group of people from Pune.

Knowing that a record already exists gave us a hint that we might break the Lonavala Record. However the big question was “Who will rappel to check the height of the waterfall???” 

After a series of discussions, we decided to send a team to fetch for the answers. We made every effort count and successfully sent a team of 8 people to get the height and feasibility of rappelling on this Waterfall. The inputs from this team gave us the hope that it is possible to rappel down “The Katika”.

We ordered special imported equipment (600 ft ropes (2), Jumar, carabiner, Fig of 8, walkie talkies, helmets etc.) required for the event and necessary preparations as per the adventuress perspective and choose to achieve this feat in the month of January 2012. In other words we would be rappelling down a height of a 35 floor building + a waterfall + chilling water temperature + jagged rocks… The big question to ourselves was “Is it really possible???”

We started off from Hyderabad with a team and support staff consisting of 25 people.  We started our acclimatization trek from Shivalingapuram and reached Borra after 2 days. Two teams were formed, the first would reach the start point of waterfall via road and the second was to trek to the base of the waterfall.

Katika Group Pic

After a group photo the two teams started off early in the morning to their respective meeting points. As a part of the base team, we completed the initial preparations and started the hike up towards the start point of the waterfall. By the team we reached to the top, the anchor & safety measures were already in place for the Rappelling Event. A brief message on the Safety Measures, Do’s & Dont’s, Things to Remember was given by the Team Leader K Ranga Rao (Founder & Director of Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh).

“The only aim of this event was to promote Adventure Activities in the state”

To cover the event from all sides & different angles we placed 2 camera men hanging with the help of a rope on either side of the waterfall (one at 150 ft & the other at 200 ft) also supported by two more camera men on the top & bottom point of the waterfall, the last one on route from base to the start point of the waterfall. Apart from these 5 camera man, reporters from Gemini News, TV 5 & TV 9 also accompanied us. Everyone participating in the event was insured.

The event started at 6 am and we wounded at around 6.30 pm. In these 12 hours we learnt and experienced about team work, strengths & weakness and a lot more views and ideas about the toughness of the event. We were in sheer awe of what we had achieved. The weather around, chilling water (minus 2), heavy flow of water falling on our heads from the waterfall while rappelling, hiking back to the start point after rappelling down, all of these appeared quite easy as the toughest part of the entire event was to pull the 600 ft rope drenched in water each time a person rappels and re-coil it for the next person ready to rappel.

The physical and mental fitness of each and every member was necessary and everyone did their part very well. It was a team effort which bore such fruitful results. We had shattered the Record of Lonavala Waterfall on 24th January 2012.

Record Setter published on its website that Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh has set a new World Record by Rappelling down a 400+ft Katika Waterfall in the year 2012.

Limca Book of Records published this event in its yearly book as a National Record – 2013.

Limca Book 2013

Thanks to the Team Leader of Mission Katika Mr. K Ranga Rao under whose leadership we could experience his vision, be apart of his planning  and worked as a team as per his strategy. All this has given us such a thrill in life. It was a dream come true for everyone. He has been in the field of adventure for the past 25 years. He started the Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh (ACAP) with a motive to promote adventure activities in this state. We hold both the World & National Records till date.